Common faults and solutions of electric faucets

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The following is a list of common faults and solutions for electric faucets, you can refer to them!

1. After the pull rod of the basin faucet is lifted, the basin cannot hold water

Cause of failure: There is no rim on the washbasin drain seat.

Countermeasure: Inject putty or silica gel at the bottom of the bottom ring.

2. The pull rod of the basin faucet will slide down automatically after being lifted

Cause of failure: The washer of the connecting rod of the lifting rod is missing or the nut is not tightened.

Countermeasure: Install the lifting rod connecting rod washer or tighten the nut.

3. The water outlet of the electric hot water faucet is incorrect or the water volume is reduced

Cause of failure: The filter screen of the rectifier is fouled or blocked by debris.

Countermeasure: Put down the rectifier bubbler and clean the filter screen.

4. Bathtub and shower spray water at the same time

Cause of failure: The direction of the valve body is reversed or there is debris in the faucet.

Countermeasures: remove the faucet, remove sundries or broken walls, and then construct.

5. The water output of the shower is small, and the water output is bifurcated or not correct

Cause of failure: low water pressure or debris in the shower head.

Countermeasures: Unscrew the shower head and take out the throttle rubber or throttle O-ring of the shower water inlet or clean the shower head.

6. Basin faucets and cabinet faucets have small water output and no air bubbles

Cause of failure: low water pressure.

Countermeasure: Unscrew the faucet and replace the bubbler.

7. Mandrel leaks

Cause of failure: mandrel water stop skin or water stop ring.

Countermeasures: Replace the water stop skin or water stop ring, and add a filter to the water inlet of the faucet in areas with poor water quality.

8. There is noise on the body or piping when the faucet is closed

cause of issue:

(1) Countermeasures for excessive water pressure: reduce the water supply pressure (turn down the triangular valve or water stop elbow);

(2) Rapid closing countermeasures: avoid rapid closing of the faucet;

(3) The piping is not fixed properly.

Countermeasure: re-construction.

9. Water leaks at the connection between the hose and the faucet

Cause of failure: improper installation, rubber ring.

Deformation countermeasures: replace the rubber ring and reinstall

The common faults and solutions of the electric faucet introduced above, I hope it will be helpful to you!

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