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After the epidemic, where should the injection molding industry go?


After the epidemic, the biggest problem in the Plastic Injection Molding industry is still manpower dependence, and the industry is generally still manpower-intensive. It is conceivable that when the general work starts after the epidemic is over, the biggest problem encountered is the lack of manpower. There is not enough manpower, so there are few machines and low output value. In fact, the injection molding industry can be made into a low-manpower industry, and it is possible for one person to guard 10 machines.

As an important part of the manufacturing industry, the injection molding industry is also facing tremendous transformation pressure. Factors such as rapidly rising labor costs, intense static pressure, and growing individual needs of customers force injection molding companies to change their development models and experience concepts.

At the factory level, injection molding companies are facing rising material costs, tight delivery schedules, difficulty in recruiting workers, and rising labor costs year by year. There is an urgent need to promote the construction of smart factories to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase.

Intelligent one-key production scheduling

Import and manage the plans in the enterprise or ERP, and realize one-click automatic production scheduling according to the resource status of the workshop or production line, such as equipment and materials, and intelligently allocate production line capacity, so that each production line and production equipment can be seamlessly connected. Reduce the vacancy period, analyze or reorganize the plan in the event of a failure in a certain production operation link, combine the actual scheduling experience, adjust and obtain a new scheduling plan with stronger execution through human-computer interaction, and real-time Controlling production = progress, greatly improving the delivery rate of orders on schedule.

Reduce material and remanufactured costs

Combining the production work order (MO) and data in the warehouse to calculate the material demand, automatically generate the picking plan, and the logistics can query the picking plan through the mobile terminal, scan the barcode of the raw material according to the picking plan to send the material, reduce the communication time, and improve the delivery efficiency , Basically put an end to the situation of man-made handling errors and material confusion. Based on the material utilization rules automatically predicted by the enterprise order demand, the system intelligently judges and processes each material demand, and produces material demand plans, purchase requisition plans, and material preparation plans, etc. Track and manage information such as the type, status, quantity, location, workshop and section of the product in progress, and the process in progress, so that there is no backlog and continuous flow, and the storage space and inventory management of the product in process are rationally planned to reduce waste.

Digitalization of equipment management

In the workshop of injection molding and injection molding manufacturing enterprises, injection molding machines are the main production resources.

At the production site, data is collected every few seconds, including injection cycle, injection pressure, maximum injection pressure, melt temperature, mold temperature, injection speed, injection volume, injection displacement, etc.] Process parameters, as well as real-time production Data, quality data, etc., using these data can be used to complete many forms of analysis, including equipment uptime rate, failure rate, production rate, comprehensive equipment utilization rate (OEE), pass rate, quality percentage, etc. First of all, in terms of production process improvement, using these big data in the production process can analyze the entire production process and understand how each link is performed. -Once a certain process deviates from the standard process, an alarm signal will be generated, and the fault or bottleneck can be found more quickly, and the problem can be solved more easily.

Real-time monitoring of equipment status, completion of equipment shutdown monitoring, active recording of key equipment start-up and shutdown times, calculation of equipment utilization, and a complete breakdown of the location and causes of shutdown events

kind. Real-time calculation and generation of equipment production utilization rate, mechanical power, predictive protection, point inspection, maintenance, repair the whole process, control equipment health, performance prediction of equipment energy conversion power, water

Analyze electrical conversion power, operating power consumption, etc.; carry out accurate positioning and tracking management for the entire life cycle of molds from storage to repair and maintenance reminders, scrapping, etc. Significantly increase the comprehensive utilization of equipment and promote continuous improvement.

Transparent production process

Injection molding enterprises realize the automation, intelligence, and digitalization of the production process through system integration such as intelligent scheduling, production execution, warehousing management, data collection, and logistics control, as well as interaction with intelligent hardware. Through close cooperation in planning, production, and resources, Then ensure that decision makers and managers at all levels can grasp the changes in the production site in the shortest possible time, make accurate judgments and formulate rapid response measures to ensure that the production plan is revised reasonably and quickly, the production process is smooth, and resources are sufficient and effective It can be used efficiently, so as to maximize the production efficiency.

Fewer people at the production site

"Made in China 2025" promotes the wide application of intelligent equipment such as industrial robots, robotic arms, intelligent logistics equipment, and intelligent storage equipment, making it possible for factories to make unmanned production. At the production site of injection molding enterprises, injection molding machines, intelligent robots, AGVs, warehouses, and all other manufacturing units perform automatic scheduling and scheduling, and automatic loading and unloading scheduling of workpieces and materials can achieve an unattended fully automated production mode. Production tasks, work orders, bills of materials, quality reports and other documents are standardized and paperless, reducing manual calculations and circulation of paper reports during the production process, eliminating paper operations and related errors caused by paper operations, and reducing duplication Significant human input, improve the work efficiency of on-site personnel, and truly realize "paperless" production with fewer people.

Product quality traceability

Through the control of the standard process, the error prevention and leakage prevention of the production process, the early warning, real-time feedback and treatment of quality problems are realized. The quality inspection report scans the code to bind the production batch, quickly traces the source of quality, and gives real-time early warning of defects. Actively calculate and analyze the quality inspection data and problems in the past period of time, accurately distinguish random fluctuations and abnormal fluctuations in product quality, remotely monitor production quality, and give warnings, timely error correction and improvement if quality problems are found, and continuously improve products quality.

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