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Benefits of wearing ceramic jewelry


1. Ceramic jewelry has a strong national character

As we all know, China is the birthplace of ceramics, and the country of ceramics has entered the era of simultaneous development of pottery and porcelain as early as the Eastern Han Dynasty. Ceramics have been a symbol of China since ancient times, and they are the treasure and cultural carrier of the Chinese nation. In the English dictionary, you can find the meaning of "China" in lowercase, which means porcelain. Making jewelry with ceramics not only broadens the field of modern jewelry design, but also enriches the varieties of modern jewelry. .Ceramics, born in China and grown up in the country, have gone through thousands of years, possessing the unique style of the Chinese nation, and have entered today's society step by step along with the descendants of Yan and Huang. Its connotation is very rich and its functions are extremely extensive, and it permeates all aspects of material life and social life. It not only has obvious national characteristics, but also has extremely high cultural value. As the saying goes, what belongs to the nation belongs to the world.” Dancing with the years and walking with fashion, ceramic jewelry has full confidence and is intertwined with the years without getting old. The beautiful freeze-frame that is easy to be broken makes us know how to cherish...

2. Ceramic jewelry is a new type of "green jewelry"

Ceramic jewelry is a new type of "green jewelry", which is reflected in its low harm, environmental protection, energy saving and health. The trace elements contained in the raw materials are beneficial to human health. Studies have confirmed that ceramics have health effects such as improving metabolism and promoting blood circulation on the human body. It can emit infrared rays that are beneficial to the human body at room temperature, and the infrared rays it emits basically match the wavelength of the infrared rays emitted by the human body itself. In this way, when the ceramics are close to the human body, a resonance phenomenon can occur. In addition, due to the change of people's aesthetic concept and abandoning the value preservation concept of traditional jewelry, ceramic jewelry pays more attention to decoration, which can be regarded as "a touch of green" in jewelry.

3. Material advantages of ceramic jewelry

There are many kinds of ceramic materials, including clay, porcelain clay, purple sand clay and various colored clays. Its raw material is mainly clay formed by the weathering and decomposition of natural rocks. Clay is mainly composed of more than 50% of clay minerals with a particle diameter of less than 0.005 mm. It becomes soil-like when dry, and it is easy to grind into powder. After adding water and mixing thoroughly, it can be molded into various shapes. After calcination, it will form a hard stone. .

According to the composition of clay, its main properties are: plasticity, shrinkage, bonding, sintering and high temperature resistance. Plasticity: It is the main characteristic of clay. After adding water, clay can be made into any shape under the action of external force. When the external force is removed, it can maintain the shape it has molded. Shrinkage: It is divided into drying shrinkage and firing shrinkage. Drying shrinkage is the phenomenon that the body water evaporates during the drying process, and the volume continues to shrink and become smaller; firing shrinkage is during the firing process. High, the corresponding reduction in body volume. Combination: refers to the mutual combination between clay particles or the ability of clay particles to bind barren materials. Sintering and high temperature resistance: Clay has no fixed melting point. During the heating process, when the temperature rises to a certain height, sintering and softening will occur.

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