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Do shoe dryers work?


A shoe dryer, also called a Freestanding Portable Shoe Dryer, is a small appliance specially designed for drying shoes. It can dry, keep warm, deodorize, and sterilize shoes. So, is the shoe dryer easy to use? How to use the shoe dryer? Next, let's introduce the relevant knowledge of the shoe dryer.

First, is the shoe dryer easy to use?

There are many ways to dry shoes, such as fire roasting, thick insoles, hair dryer, fire roasting or radiator roasting. The heat is from the outside to the inside. The outside is scorched, and the inside is not necessarily dry. Change the thick insole, the upper of the shoe, the upper is still wet. When the hair dryer blows into the shoes, the room is full of bad smell, which takes time, consumes a lot of electricity, makes a lot of noise, and the interlayer between the shoe lining and the upper is not dry enough. Everyone loves to wear dry and warm new shoes. With the shoe dryer, you can enjoy the feeling of wearing new shoes every day. Comfort and health are available.

The advantages of the shoe dryer are very obvious, that is, the shoe dryer can dry the shoes faster, and because it is dried at a constant temperature, the material of the shoes will not be damaged, which will affect the service life of the shoes. The shoe utensils are all in the shape of the foot model, and while drying the shoes, they can also maintain the original shape of the shoes. As for the disadvantages of the shoe dryer, it is not actually a disadvantage of the shoe dryer. Like all electric heating equipment, we must pay attention to the safety of electricity when using it. Remember some precautions when using the shoe dryer to avoid unnecessary heating. the occurrence of the problem

Second, how to use the shoe dryer?

1. Clean the inside of the shoes before use, and after plugging in the power supply, the indicator light will glow green, indicating that the shoe dryer has started to work normally. At this time, you can put the shoe dryer into the bottom of the shoe. If the inside of the shoe is damp, you can put the shoe dryer directly into the front of the shoe.

2. Put the two cooling modules of the shoe dryer into the two shoes respectively.

3. Then insert the power plug and turn on the power.

4. The indicator light is luminous, indicating that the power is connected, and it can be dried for a long time without being guarded.

5. For a shoe dryer with deodorizing and sterilizing effects, first, just sprinkle the liquid medicine on the heat dissipation module of the shoe dryer, and then put the heat sink into the shoe. 6. The shoe dryer can also dry socks and other items, but you must pay attention to air permeability, and do not wrap them in multiple layers for drying or put them in the bed. Third, is the shoe dryer safe?

It is safe to use branded and high-quality shoe dryers and use them strictly in accordance with the instructions. In order to avoid fire safety hazards, if citizens use them for a long time at night, they should try to place their shoes at a safe distance from furniture and other flammable objects, so as not to bake them for too long and leave potential safety hazards. At the same time, when the shoe dryer is working, it should avoid the contact of young children at home to prevent their fingers from being inserted into the heat dissipation holes and cause danger.

If there is a lot of water in the shoes or the shoes are completely soaked, use caution when drying the shoe dryer to prevent the water in the shoes from seeping into the shoe dryer during the working process, causing a short circuit and causing danger. Shoe dryer The shoe dryer should be placed in the shoe, there should be a proper space, and it should not be too tight. It's best to cover the shoe outlet with something.

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