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Do you know the application scenarios of these three O-rings


Many people know that the use of O-rings has a very wide range of applications in industrial production, especially for the production and processing of various mechanical equipment, O-rings are indispensable. Many people will think that O-rings are only used in this industry, but in fact, O-rings have a wide range of applications and play an irreplaceable role in many industries. Let's understand the usage scenarios of O-rings in the following content:

1. O-rings are widely used in modern industry, defense industry and daily necessities. Conductive silicone rubber that can be used in the electronics industry, telephone and instrument touch buttons, TV anode covers, cables and wires for signal transmission; silicone rubber heating belts and heating sheets can be used to control the working temperature of instruments and oil pipelines.

2. In the construction industry, Step Seal Glyd O Ring are widely used in room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber adhesive materials for glass materials, filling and caulking materials, waterproof plugging of bathroom brick joints, and bathing utensils; cement joints are sealed.

3. In the automobile industry, Step Seal O Ring are used for potting and sealing materials of electronic parts and electrical assemblies, sealing of windshields, doors, windows and car bodies; silicone rubber tubes for automatic glass regulators, and connecting pipes for heating and radiators.

Of course, the application of O-rings is far more than the above. Many industries have different sealing requirements. It is believed that various and cheap O-rings will become the choice of more and more industries!

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