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How many kinds of car brake pads are there?


How many kinds of car brake pads are there?

There are three types of car brake pads. They are semi-metal brake pads, carbon fiber brake pads and ceramic brake pads. Automobile brake pads, also known as automobile brake pads, refer to the friction material fixed on the brake drum or brake disc that rotates with the wheel. The friction lining and friction pad in it are subjected to external pressure and produce friction to achieve the deceleration of the vehicle. Purpose. Classification of automobile brake pads: semi-metallic brake pads, which use metal fibers (thick steel wool) instead of asbestos fibers. Other parts are mainly reinforced with glass fiber, aromatic polyester fiber and other materials. Its advantage is that the price is cheap, and the disadvantage is that the heat resistance is not good enough, because the metal conducts heat, so it is prone to thermal decay, and the service life is not long. Carbon fiber brake pads, which are widely used in the aerospace field, are characterized by strong thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance. Even if they brake continuously for a long time, they can still guarantee that they will not brake failure. The wear on the brake disc is lower than that of the semi-metallic brake pad, so that not only the life of the brake pad is long, but also the service life of the brake disc is extended. Ceramic brake pads are not really made of ceramics, but are mixed with ceramic fibers and other fiber materials, and are cured by organic binders to achieve hardness, wear resistance and reduce ash loss. The advantages of ceramic brake pads are that they are relatively durable, have good heat dissipation, shorter braking distances, and relatively better resistance to thermal decay.


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