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How to choose a suspended TV cabinet


How to install the suspended Modern TV PVC Cabinet to be beautiful and durable?

1. The length must be at least about 3 meters. It is not recommended to make a floating cabinet below this length. A 65-inch TV is 1.6 meters long. A floating cabinet of about two meters looks very small and uncoordinated. The overall grade of the home instantly pulled down

2. The proportion must be coordinated. Many TV cabinets look bulky, and most of them are the wrong size. For example, in terms of vertical height, too thick looks bulky, and too thin looks weak. Here are standard sizes for reference, thickness 30 -35cm, height 20cm, hanging height 20cm, TV 40cm height from table

3. The position of the cabinet door and the socket is also an important factor affecting the overall aesthetics. If you want no extra wires to be exposed outside after installation, you can pre-buy 50 pipes behind the TV during the hydropower stage, and the socket is installed according to the height of the suspension cabinet. In the drawer, install a rebounder where there is a socket, and make a lower flap door. Do not install handles on other drawers, and make about 10mm more on the direct panel, which is convenient, beautiful and practical

4. If you want a sense of luxury, you can install a light strip under the floating cabinet. The atmosphere of watching TV at night is full. Pay attention to the installation position of the light strip. Create a soft feeling of seeing the light but not the light

5. For the suspension method, do not fix it directly with expansion screws. The expansion screws are small in force, and they will definitely deform over time, and the gap will become larger and larger. If you want to be strong and durable, turn point force into surface force , the TV wall is made of light bricks, you can first dig out two holes that need to be fixed, fill them with solid bricks, then fix a layer of base board on the wall, and drive two rows of steel nails in diagonally to increase the force area, and then screw the TV cabinet on the base plate with automatic screws, and reinforce the interior with a load-bearing triangle bracket, so that you don’t have to worry about loosening and falling off

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