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The operation method of the truck rope tightener


The operation method of the Steel Tow Rope with Hook is as follows:

1. When using a rope to bind the goods, first fix one end of the rope on the round rod, then insert the crowbar into the shaft head and then turn it, so that the ratchet can be driven to tighten the rope, and then the bird-stop To buckle the ratchet to achieve a fixed effect. Then you just need to loosen the rope, pull the bird stop so that the axle can rotate freely, and finally let go of the rope. The whole process is easy to operate, labor-saving and safe to use.

2. There is another method, first insert an iron wire of suitable length and thickness into the round hole in the middle of the tiger head take-up wheel, and then use the tiger head wire tensioner to wind the wire twice, remember to put the other end of the wire Tie it to the fixed point, then straighten the wire, fix the tiger head tensioner on the wire, so that the handle can be moved to tighten the wire.

3. The method of pulling the ratchet wire tensioner by hand is to first pull the clamp on the ratchet wire tensioner to the position where the wire is released. Then pull out all the wire ropes and hang the hook on the fixed point, then pull the clamp to the position of tightening the wire, stretch it forward along the wire, and then snap it into the bayonet of the hand tightener. Then pinch the wire tightly with one hand, and move the hand take-up wrench with the other hand to slowly tighten the wire so that it can be fixed safely.

what is rope tensioner

Rope tighteners are generally used for cargo binding or reinforcement, and most of the rope tighteners are installed on the beams on both sides of the truck. A normal medium-sized truck needs to install about 30-60 pieces. . Most of the trucks in the past used very rigid suspension buckles, or the kind that needed to be tied with knots. Not only was it unsafe in wind and rain, but it was also very troublesome. In order to avoid these risks, today's trucks basically use rope tighteners for cargo fixing, especially on flatbed trucks and semi-trailers. Although the rope tensioner is not very conspicuous because it is welded under the cargo box, it does make it easier for the driver to fix the cargo.

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