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Multi-purposed Kitchen Scissors


Multi-purposed Kitchen Scissors

1. Product introduction  


Multi-purposed kitchen scissors: More high quality upgrade to 3 cr14 stainless steel forging, high hardness and wear resistance characteristic design of the blade can cut conch tail and scraping scales, handle the ergonomic design, integrated with hand shape, plus pp plastic package grip handle not only prevent slippery also increase comfort, in addition to the handle has picked shells, open bottle, walnut sets, such as multi-functional in one.  Adopt high hardness firm rivet, durable not easy to break, let you follow cut, good quality see, a multi-function scissors is the good helper that solves the trouble of your kitchen.    



2.Product Parameter

product name:Multi-purposed kitchen scissorsproduct material:3CR14
product standard:230*92*3mmproduct weight:160g
Blade hardness:50-52product code:KPS-04
Handle color:red 


3.product application

Applications:Home kitchen, snack bar, restaurant
product use:Cut poultry food, cut vegetables, open bottle caps, clip walnuts, open cans, pry shells, scrape fish scales, open fish belly and so on  





Cleaning: After using the scissors, clean them with water, dry them with a clean towel, and place them gently. 

Storage: When not in use at ordinary times, it is placed in a ventilated or dry place to prevent the use from being


5.Product details


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